Hi, I’m Shane Ermitano

I’d like to share a memory with you: I’m an 8-year-old kid. There’s a box of that old-school perforated printer paper (the accordion kind that you could fold back together) that my mom snuck home from work. A box of pencils, markers and pens is strewn across the living room floor. There I am, drawing furiously in front of my Saturday morning cartoons. Drawing isn’t an activity that I was given by adults to pass the time, it was LIFE. It’s all I ever did. And when my hand started to cramp, I’d build the wildest planes and forts my big imagination could conjure up out of Legos.

I’m a maker and creative at heart. A harmony of hands and mind to create solutions to problems. I like getting my hands dirty.

Today, I’m a creative & entrepreneur living in Los Angeles by way of Chicago and Little Rock. Some of my passions include food, storytelling through video & design, and dancing whenever I can, wherever I can.

Amazing things happen when you collaborate with the right folks. Let’s have some fun.


Photo by Jeremy Perkins